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I'm a proud descendant of some of the pioneers of Cache Valley, which includes Cache county in northern Utah and an adjoining area in southeastern Idaho. As I come upon, or create materials related to this area, and am not prohibited by copyright restrictions, I will be posting them here to share with other genealogists and historians. At the present time (2000) that would permit materials published in 1944 or earlier, or for which permission has been granted by the author. If you have access to such materials and would like them added here, please contact me at Select the thumbnail to see a full sized version of maps, diagrams, photos, etc.

This is a diagram of Smithfield during it's "Fort Days" in 1860-1863 showing the layout and labeled with the names of occupants on each dwelling. Although I don't have any direct ancestors among these pioneers, my second great grandfather, Hans Jorgensen, settled just west of Smithfield where Amalga is now located in 1869 and his descendants married descendents of Smithfield pioneers.

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