Numbering Systems in Genealogy

by Richard A. Pence

The D'Aboville System

Copyright 1995 by Richard A. Pence - Posted with Permission

There is also a system called the "d'Aboville System," which is similar to the Henry System, except that each digit (or group of two digits for numbers larger than 10) is separated by a period.

D'Aboville Example

                           Descendants of Henry Pence 

6 Henry Pence b c1740 probably Germany; d 1824 Champaign Co OH; m c1765 Mary 
  Magdaline Blimly 1765c. Children: 

                                First Generation 

6.1 George Pence b 16 Aug 1766 probably Frederick VA; d 1810 Shenandoah Co VA; 
    m Mary Mauck 9 Nov 1790 Shenandoah Co. 
6.2 Jacob Pence b 15 Sep 1767 probably Frederick Co VA; d 12 Jun 1828 
    Champaign Co OH; m Maria (Mary) Coffman 7 Jun 1802 Shenandoah Co.  
6.3 Henry Pence b 4 Sep 1768 Frederick Co VA; d 11 Aug 1844 Champaign Co OH; m 
    (1) Elizabeth Koontz 2 Jan 1788 Shenandoah Co, (2) Eve Snider 5 Jul 1803 
    Shenandoah Co. 
6.4 Abraham Pence b 4 Sep 1769 Frederick Co VA; d 1838 Champaign Co OH; m 
    Elizabeth Mauck 11 Feb 1791 Shenandoah Co; to Champaign in 1811.  
6.5 Magdaline Pence b 31 Jan 1771 Frederick Co VA; no further information; 
    neither she nor heirs mentioned in father's will, so apparently she d unm 
    before 1820.  

And so on to ..... 

                               Second Generation 

6.2.1 Katherine Pence b c1803 Shenandoah Co VA; d before 1820 OH; m Michael 
      Kite c1819 OH.  

                         ***** Other Children to ***** 

6.2.6 Jacob Pence b 10 Oct 1812 Champaign Co OH; d 3 Apr 1898 Champaign Co; m 
      Sarah Dugan 20 Sep 1833 Clark Co OH.  
6.3.1 Barbara Pence b 9 Nov 1789 Shenandoah Co VA; d 14 Apr 1866 Champaign Co 
      OH; m Daniel Snider 14 Nov 1809 Shenandoah Co.  

                         ***** Other Children to ***** 

6.3.7 Susannah Pence b 1823 Champaign Co OH; d 13 Dec 1846 Champaign Co; m 
      Daniel Blose 7 Dec 1837 Champaign Co.  6.4.1 Mary Pence b 
25 Nov 1791 Shenandoah Co VA; d 14 Dec 1886 Champaign Co OH; 
      m Daniel Loudenback 8 Nov 1812 Champaign Co. 

                         ***** Other Children to ***** 

6.4.4 David Pence b 1 Mar 1807 Shenandoah Co VA; d 27 Apr 1884 Champaign Co OH; 
      m Priscilla Frazee 1 Sep 1831 Miami Co OH.  

Down to the last person in the third generation ..... Alfred Fortescue Pence b 30 May 1859 Miami Co OH; d - Sep 1908 
         Franklin Co OH; m (1) Ella D. Stoker c1878, (2) Leona Dell McCashen 
         1896 OH. 

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