Numbering Systems in Genealogy

by Richard A. Pence

Modified Henry Systems

Copyright 1995 by Richard A. Pence - Posted with Permission

In a common modification of the Henry system, when there are more than nine children, the numbers are placed in parentheses. Thus the tenth child of number 111 is 111(10) and his or her children become 111(10)1, etc. Thus No. 6G63 in the Henry System and in the d'Aboville System would become:

6(17)63 Alfred Fortescue Pence b 30 May 1859 Miami Co OH; d - Sep 1908 Franklin 
        Co OH; m (1) Ella D. Stoker c1878, (2) Leona Dell McCashen 1896 OH.

However, in today's computer world the most common variation of the Henry System is different substitutes the letters A, B and C for the 10th, 11th and 12th children, rather than X, A and B. The reason for this is they way computers sort digits and alpha characters.

Modified Henry System Example

Following is a partial printout of a word-processing file I maintain, "The Descendants of John Pence," which uses the Modified Henry System as a basis for indexing an article. Please note that this file does not separate descendants by generations, but puts each person in the text only once - directly under his or her parents and with his or her siblings. The reason for this: I also keep a database index of each of these text files and each individual's ID number is included in that file. Thus, I can use the database to locate an individual's ID number, then go to the text files to find that individual, as each person is in ID number order, 67 through 67G. Note that 672 comes before 68 - this is the way the numbers will be ordered by a computer with an alphanumeric sort (at least one using the ASCII Character code). I have published two books using this system; the advantage is that at any given moment, I can print out the text and create an index for it. No need to know what page the person is on. All you need is his or hers ID number.

Descendants of John Pence (Henry-1) Shenandoah County, Virginia, Champaign County, Ohio, Bartholomew County, Indiana, and Henderson County, Illinois

67 JOHN b 15 Jan 1774 Shenandoah Co VA; d 20 Sep 1841 Henderson 
Co IL; m (1) Eve Piper 22 Dec 1795 Shenandoah Co, (2) Elizabeth 
Steinberger 4 Jul 1803 Shenandoah Co, (3) Elizabeth [Heaton] 
Records 3 Apr 1828 Bartholomew Co IN; to Champaign Co OH in 1805, 
Bartholomew Co IN in 1820 & Henderson Co in 1828. Children, first 
two by first wife, next nine by second wife & last five by third 

  671 ELIZABETH b 22 Apr 1799 Shenandoah Co VA; d - Dec 1844 Henderson Co IL; m 
  Thomas Doolittle Wells c1817 Champaign Co OH. 

  672 MARY b 12 Dec 1800 Shenandoah Co VA; d 18 Sep 1831 Fort Pence, Henderson 
  Co IL; m William Beatty 17 May 1817 Champaign Co OH. 

  673 GEORGE b 29 Mar 1804 Shenandoah Co VA; d 29 Mar 1879 Warren Co IN; m (1) 
  Mary Swisher 27 Dec 1827 Bartholomew Co IN, (2) Grace Gaynor [Foreman] Romine 
  18 Mar 1852 Warren Co IN, (3) Mrs Catherine Loyd 5 Dec 1867 Warren Co. 
  Children, first nine by first wife, last by third wife:  

    6731 CURTIS MONROE b 23 Sep 1828 Bartholomew Co IN; d 15 Mar 1913 Warren Co 
    IN; m Susannah Etnire 3 Mar 1853 Warren Co. Children: 

      67311 MARY OLIVE b 3 Aug 1856 Warren Co IN; d 7 Oct 1857 Warren Co. 

      67312 EMILY JANE (KATE) b 7 Oct 1858 Warren Co IN; d 5 Jun 1920 Warren 
      Co; m (1) Albert Hevel 11 Feb 1883 Warren Co, (2) Charles Edgar Roe 7 Jan 
      1897 Warren Co. 

      67313 ALLEN MONROE b 10 Mar 1861 Warren Co IN; d 22 Feb 1933 Brown Co SD; 
      m Rosa May Gady 1 Apr 1888 Warren Co; Palo Alto Co IA in 1900, to Brown 
      Co shortly thereafter. Children: 

        673131 SILVIA BELLE b 4 Jun 1890 Warren Co IN; d 24 Oct 1977 Hennepin 
        Co MN; m Ira David Wiltsey 23 Mar 1912 Dickey Co ND. 
                        ***** Plus other children down to: ***** 

        673138 ROBERT MONROE b 22 Dec 1909 Brown Co SD; d 22 Oct 1970 Brown Co; 
        m Clarice Ethlyn Stanley 14 Jun 1930 Leola, McPherson Co SD. Children: 

          6731381 RICHARD ALLEN b 17 Oct 1932 Aberdeen, Brown Co SD; m Lillian 
          Llewellyn Hutto 25 Jul 1964 Jackson, Hinds Co MS; compiler of these 
          records. Children, b Washington DC: TODD MONROE [4 May 1968], ROBERT 
          CHANDLER [22 Apr 1971], LAURA LLEWELLYN [16 Nov 1974]. 

          6731382 DONALD LEE b 13 Aug 1934 Frederick, Brown Co SD; d 31 Oct 
          1974 Aberdeen, Brown Co SD. 

          6731383 MARGIE ANN b 5 Jul 1937 Frederick, Brown Co SD; d 21 Dec 1985 
          Aberdeen, Brown Co SD; m Ralph Leroy Buntrock 19 Mar 1955 Webster, 
          Day Co SD.  

                      ***** Plus other family members down to: ***** 

  67G CHARLOTTE b 1 May 1839 Henderson Co IL; d 14 Jun 1906 Alameda Co CA [as a 
  result of the San Francisco earthquake]; m John Kee Madden 22 Mar 1865 Henderson Co. 

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