Numbering Systems in Genealogy

by Richard A. Pence

The Register System

Copyright 1995 by Richard A. Pence - Posted with Permission

The progenitor or other individual is given the number 1. Each child is then numbered in order with lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, etc.) and those whose lines are carried on are also given an Arabic number. For instance, No. 1 may have had seven children (i through vii), but only one of these had descendants, say iv. No. iv is then also given the Arabic number 2 and his children, in turn, are numbered from i on, with, perhaps, Nos. i, iv and vi given the additional identification of 3, 4 and 5. [Advantages and disadvantages of the Register System are discussed with those of the RECORD or MODIFIED REGISTER SYSTEM in the next section.]

Register System Example

                           Descendants of Henry Pence 
         Shenandoah (Page) County, Virginia and Champaign County, Ohio 

1. Henry Pence, born about 1740 probably Germany; died 1824 
Champaign County, OH; married c1765 Mary Magdaline Blimly. 

         i George born 16 August 1766 Frederick County, VA; married Mary Mauck 
           9 November 1790 Shenandoah County; died 1810 Shenandoah County. No 
           further information on descendants.  
  2.    ii Jacob.  
  3.   iii Henry. 
  4.    iv Abraham.  
  5.     v Magdaline, born 31 January 1771 Frederick County, VA; possibly dead 
           by father's will 1820; no other information.  
        vi Susannah, born 4 July 1772 Frederick County, VA; married (1) 
           Benjamin Maggert 6 May 1794 Shenandoah County, (2) Thomas Jenkins; 
           died 21 May 1853 Champaign County, OH.  
  6.   vii John.  
      viii Barbara, born 2 November 1775 Shenandoah County, VA; married (1) 
           _____ Rosenberger, (2) John Stewart 9 October 1806 Champaign County, 
           OH; died before 1820.  
  7.    ix David.  
  8.     x Joseph.  
  9.    xi Samuel.  
       xii Anna, born 10 October 1781 Shenandoah County, VA; married John 
           Norman [Newman] 11 February 1800 Shenandoah County; died after 1848 
           probably Montgomery County, IN.  
 10.  xiii Isaac.  
 11.   xiv Elizabeth, born 22 June 1786 Shenandoah County, VA; married John 
           Steinberger [son John]; died 14 April 1854 Champaign County, OH.  
 12.    xv Benjamin.  
       xvi Mary, born 9 June 1789 Shenandoah County, VA; married William Runkle 
           in Champaign County, OH; went to IL.  
 13.  xvii Reuben. 

                               Second Generation                            

2. Jacob Pence (Henry-1), born 15 September 1767 Frederick 
County, VA; died 12 June 1828 Champaign County, OH; married Maria 
(Mary) Coffman 7 June 1802 Shenandoah County. Children 
[apparently several of the nine credited to them died young]: 

         i Katherine, died before 1820 OH; married Michael Kite c1819 OH.  
        ii Elizabeth (Lydia), born 1804 Shenandoah County, VA; died 12 March 
           1834 Champaign County, OH; married David Steinberger 28 January 1822 
           Bartholomew County, IN.  
       iii Anna, born 1807 Shenandoah County, VA; died after 1881 Clark County, 
           OH; married (1) Edward Wallis 1 January 1824 Champaign County, OH, 
           (2) Gabriel Albin 12 June 1846 Clark County.  
        iv Julia, born 11 April 1809 Champaign County, OH; died 3 May 1816 
           Champaign County.  
         v Lucinda, born 1810 Champaign County, OH; died - February 1860 
           Champaign County; married Runyon L. Northcutt 4 March 1830 Champaign 
 14.    vi Jacob.  

3. Henry Pence (Henry-1), born 4 September 1768 Frederick County, 
VA; died 11August 1844 Champaign County, OH; married (1) 
Elizabeth Koontz 2 January 1788 Shenandoah County, (2) Eve Snider 
5 July 1803 Shenandoah County. Children, first two by first wife, 
rest probably by second [may not be in proper order; also note 
relatively late dates of birth for last two]: 

               ***** Children for Numbers 3 through 12 here ***** 

13. Reuben Pence (Henry-1), born 28 June 1791 Shenandoah County, 
VA; died 1 October 1840 Miami County, OH; married Anne Cowick 27 
August 1811 Champaign County, OH; to Miami County in 1821. 

         i Ocey, born 16 February 1812 Champaign County, OH; died 9 June 1844 
           Miami County, OH; married Jabez Lucas 6 October 1827 Shelby County, 
        ii Phoebe, born 25 May 1814 Champaign County, OH; died 21 January 1843 
       iii Mary, born 23 January 1816 Champaign County, OH; died 18 June 1837. 
        iv Anna Helen, born 27 September 1818 Champaign County, OH; died 9 
           October 1834.  
         v Rhoda Jane, born 28 June 1819 Champaign County, OH; married Thomas 
           McPherson 21 February 1847 Miami County, OH.  
  ??.   vi William Lossen Pence (Reuben-2, Henry-1), born 7 April 1821 
           Champaign County, OH; died 3 March 1882 Miami County, OH; married 
           (1) Harriet Rudy 11 May 1848 Miami County, (2) Barbara Rudy 9 
           October 1851 Miami County. Six children.  

                                Third Generation 

14. Jacob Pence (Henry-1), born 10 October 1812 Champaign County, 
OH; died 3 April 1898 Champaign County; married Sarah Dugan 20 
September 1833 Clark County, OH. [Eleven Children.] 

             ***** Other members of the third generation here ***** 

??. William Lossen Pence (Reuben-2, Henry-1), born 7 April 1821 
Champaign County, OH; died 3 March 1882 Miami County, OH; married 
(1) Harriet Rudy 11 May 1848 Miami County, (2) Barbara Rudy 9 
October 1851 Miami Co. [Six children.] 
(NOTE: William Lossen's number would depend on how many additional lines between him and No. 14 are carried down.)
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